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I’m a Norwegian girl that is an international streamer and have been playing casino for some years now. If you ask people to describe me they would say I’m very social, kind and maybe even that I have a funny temper so I’m easy to tease!

If I should describe myself I would say I’m spontaneous, competitive and fun!

What I think is the best with slots is the excitement and fun of some slots. I like playing entertaining slots and the feeling of hitting a 4000x is amazing!

My biggest win is a maxwin on Fruit Party 2, but with a low bet so the win was not that big. That was a amazing feeling! I also got number 5 in the Norwegian championship in poker for ladies 2023 in Bratislava!

Fun fact about me is that I am a huge cheese addict! I have been seen a few times eating a whole parmesan stick on stream and people is shocked every time I do it.



As a person I have a big heart and I try to see the best in everyone around me. I’m a good mother and a friend. I will be a little butterfly that love to explore the world until I die. My friends would definitely say that I’m outgoing, trustworthy and little crazy in the same time.

My favourite things about slot is the excitement that goes though your body when you get bonus. And I have to say I have obsession playing Floating Dragon 🤫

My biggest win was in Floating Dragon I think it was around 20.000kr if I remember it right. But trust me it’s moooore to come my friends.

A fun fact about me is that I have lived in 19 countries with my son. That’s a reminder for you you are not a tree you can move. So if you have a dream go and follow it. Life is short make sure you spend it right. You are in control no one else.



My friends will describe me as crazy, weird as fuck, and very fun.

The thing I like best with slots is the rush of adrenaline when you finally get the bonus, and my favourites is sticky wilds.

The feeling I get when I see one doghouse on each reel, and you have 5+ spins left, and you know its MONEY time bby! Makes me so happy!

My biggest win is 2780x, when I won 139 000kr with 50kr stake on Mental. I was screaming so high!

Fun fact about me is that I’ve been rented in as a dancer in like 15 clubs all over Norway, one of the trips we had to have four bodyguards all the time because people got so crazy about me!



To describe myself I would say I’m a very loyal person with a hard shell, if you get thru it I’ll die for you 100%.

And I’m not gonna lie I’m also very fun and wild at the same time.My friends says I’m hardworking, overprotective and a little bit crazy.

The best things about playing slots is 100% the endorphins that comes from the excitement of a good bonus!

My favourite slots are Rip City and Rotiki.

My biggest win is in 90k Yeti slot 42.000€. That was a feeling of adrenaline that can never be described.

Fun fact about me is that even tho I just weigh 50 kilos I can go out with 10 men and drink them under the table any day of the week.

Eva Carter has long experience as a content-writer within the casino niche and has published content for several English websites since 2010. At the moment, Carter is our Content Manager and has the responsibility for the publication of content on greatcasino.io